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Alexandria, Virginia art appraisal is our specialization, and our passion. You have found an art appraiser dedicated to giving you an accurate and fair valuation. Whether you want a “trash or treasure” opinion, or to have the value of an entire collection or estate measured, we offer the foremost, most reputable art appraisal service available.

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How we determine the value of a piece of art

• We maintain a network of contacts in the art world, from dealers to museum experts.

• We supplement that with an extensive database of information on prices, trends, artists and previous assessments of genres.

• We draw on our experience in acquisitions for a major gallery.

• We are helped along by any documentation you may have, even anecdotal information.

Our service goes far beyond reading a book about art. We believe you sought Alexandria, VA art appraisal in order to receive expert opinion based on knowledge and experience.

The importance of an independent appraiser
We are autonomous. That means we are not affiliated with an art dealer, or a gallery, so there is no conflict of interest. We appraise art for a variety of purposes, from insurance coverage to legal proceedings to tax disposition. We also consult others who need information in advance of their decision to buy or sell. Our professional opinion is not influenced by any clash between accurate Alexandria, VA art appraisal and the business of dealing in art.

We understand you may be getting advice to go to an auction house, or to a museum for appraisal. Bear in mind the art market changes rapidly, and you need more than standard answers or a casual opinion. Our integrity depends on remaining up-to-the-minute on the fluctuations in art value, and providing information tailored to your requirement.

Record what you already know prior to Alexandria, VA art appraisal
In order to provide our appraisal estimate, we want to know “the story”. Did someone commission the portrait or work? How did you get it? Do you know anything about the artist? Has it been assessed before? How long ago? If you happen to have what is called a “provenance” (a history), you can reduce the time it will take for verification, which could reduce your fee.

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