Art Appraisal in California

Art appraisal in California that is distinguished, discreet and detailed. You have chosen a premier provider of art valuation; an independent, reputable appraiser whose thorough research resulted in accurate evaluations for a range of satisfied clients from art enthusiasts to families with estate treasures.

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The importance of independence
To get accuracy, you need objectivity, which we deliver because we are not an art dealer, don’t operate a gallery, nor do we represent practicing artists. Appraisal is our only business, and customer service is at the heart of our mission. Put simply, our approach to art appraisal in California is to determine what your art is truly worth, not what might be best for our business.

On the other hand, in the past I worked as a buyer and seller, which gives you access to insight into how you can navigate setting price and selling.

Our approach is to research thoroughly
You expect an appraiser to concentrate on your particular work, not apply a cookie cutter formula. We maintain a wide-ranging library, and cultivate industry contacts in order to assess your artwork. In addition, we bring to your request our long standing art world experience.

This research is yours. The report we prepare is documented and detailed.

The importance of a current art appraisal in California

• Art values can change quickly.

• Perhaps you had an earlier appraisal for insurance purposes, but now intend to sell your work. Make certain you get a current valuation.

• Values for charitable donation must be current for tax purposes. You want to maximize the tax benefits and our appraisal defines realistic expectations.

• Managing estate taxes depends upon current appraisal. A relative may have believed in one value; accurate, up-to-date appraisal confirms it.

• Updating your insurance coverage from loss or damage is always recommended. Independent documentation ensures the reimbursement you deserve. A treasure cannot be replaced, but accurate compensation allows for acquisition of a new work.

• There is wisdom in knowing both current value and replacement value.

Our initial consultation will help you determine the kind of appraisal you need, and the documentation you will receive.

Art appraisal in California
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