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Our art appraisal in Miami, Florida provides documented professional assessment based on knowledge, research, and experience with art and the assessment of it.

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The Florida Attorney General (AG) Office warns: “Get professional advice”
That is the recommendation of most informed people in the art world. It is also the guidance of the state’s highest legal officer. Unfortunately, Florida has seen its share of dishonest art valuation schemes. Here is why the AG advises professional art appraisal in Miami, FL:

• Only an art expert can tell the difference between a valuable work and a fake.

• Have an independent art appraiser (not a dealer) assess the work.

• Obtain as much specific information as possible.

• Do not buy or sell a piece of art until it has been appraised.

The A-G also tells you to be wary of pressure tactics
First and foremost, our process begins with a free, no pressure consultation. You will receive a documented, fact-based opinion. Without facts, art appraisal in Miami is worthless. The AG warns that a legitimate business does not use pressure. Our service is simple: here’s the piece, here’s what we’ll need to do to assess it, here’s the fee, and when you choose, here’s the verbal or written appraisal. No pressure.

The final word of advice for art appraisal in Miami, FL: find out about the appraiser
In order to assure you of our qualifications, we are happy to discuss our background, which includes appraisal at a premiere fine arts gallery, and successful work for both renowned collectors and first time clients.

A few of the reasons people seek our advice:

• Insurance Appraisals: A detailed appraisal assessing Replacement Value is a necessity if you ever have to make a claim. You can also receive an art appraisal in Miami, FL after a work has been damaged, either completely or partially. Restoration costs can be estimated. Finally, we will advise on the value of the restored piece.

• Estate Planning and Probate: In these cases you require what’s called Fair Market Value to assist when drawing up your estate or for probate of your holdings.

• Donations: The IRS requires a professional appraisal on all non-cash donations exceeding $5,000. Once again, this is an appraisal to determine Fair Market Value of the donated piece.

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