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Baltimore, MD art appraisal can be emotional, because many consider art priceless. But if the time comes to determine a value a single piece, an estate, or an entire collection, you have found an expert who will respect the emotion while impartially gathering the facts for your accurate valuation.

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We’d like you to know the difference between our free consult and a so-called "free appraisal", which experts warn can end up costing you far more than our paid research and appraisal. Here is why you can avoid getting a so-called “low ball” appraisal.

• Our free consultation is our initial contact. From that conversation we are able to determine a specific fee for the service you need. Time is required for in-depth research into your Baltimore, MD art appraisal. We also apply our knowledge and that of our network of contacts in the art world, to develop an informed, factual representation of what your art is worth.

You will see some auction houses offering “free appraisals”. Bear in mind, their interest is in getting people to sell merchandise at THEIR sales. Some think this is not really appraisal at all. You are likely getting an indication of what they think they can get at their sale, and it could be low in hopes the auction house can make a profit. Think of it this way: You would never ask the buyer of your home to tell you what it is worth, and then sell it to him. You get an independent assessment of the value of your home.

• Ours is a professional Baltimore, MD art appraisal; an accurate, independent assessment based on extensive research, not an approximation, performed quickly and with ulterior motives.

The art world can surprisingly move at lightening speed. Prices fluctuate, prices depend on the reputation of certain auction houses, and prices can be hammered by a scandal. Emotion can be currency in the art world. Trust our dispassionate approach to Baltimore, MD art appraisal and straightforward documentation of our findings. Sometimes people turn to the local staff of a gallery or museum. While well-meaning, many are younger, less knowledgeable, and uninformed about current value.

We bring to the valuation of your artwork years of experience in assessing and acquiring art for one of the premier galleries in the United States. Our knowledge has been deepened by trusted service to art enthusiasts, collectors, and first-time buyers.

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