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Your Bridgeport, Connecticut art appraisal will be unambiguous, skilled and straightforward, because you have chosen our service. You can expect expert evidence and informed opinion, not an educated guess.

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Why will your appraisal be unambiguous?
You will know the fee for our service before you decide to engage us. Your initial consultation is free. We determine the amount of time and resources that will go into your appraisal, total it up and tell you what the fee is, and why. THEN you decide to go forward. No surprises. No guesswork. No doubt.

What makes a skilled Bridgeport, CT art appraisal?
To borrow the adage, “Practice, practice, practice”! Our knowledge was honed in assessments and acquisitions for one of the country’s elite galleries. Since then, we have provided expertise to clients from major art collectors to first time buyers and sellers. Our enthusiasm informs our skilled search for accurate valuations. We love doing the fact-finding. We love helping our clients know the value of their possessions. We love uncovering “the story” of your piece of art.

Why is our assessment straightforward?
Honesty and accuracy have kept us in the business of Bridgeport, CT art appraisal. You demand nothing less, and our core value is integrity. You want more than a dollar figure. You want to know the historical value, the artistic value, and as well as the market value.

Our service is appraisal. Period.
Our independence from a gallery or auction house ensures you get a fair and accurate Bridgeport, CT art appraisal. Our only interest is to work in your best interest. Frankly, an art dealer could put his own interests first. His assessment for a seller might be “lowball”, because it’s in his best interest to keep overall market prices lower. Appraisal for a buyer might come in too high, if the dealer is trying to influence the market before one of his sales.

Certainly, part of our service is to appraise pieces and assist buyers and sellers. But we don’t maintain a collection or a sales inventory. We maintain a database of art research and a storehouse of knowledge as a service for the buyers and sellers.

Art is emotional. It can seem priceless. But when it’s time to put a value on a favorite work, a collection or an estate, we respect the emotion while dispassionately gathering the documentation you require.

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