Washington DC Art Appraisal

For Washington DC art appraisal, you get the benefit of our nationwide experience, which has allowed us to build a network of sources in the art world. In an area as steeped in history as the National Capitol, treasures surface and master works change hands. When you need an assessment beyond emotional value, we provide an educated opinion informed by years of appraising art across the country.

Washington DC art appraisal with integrity as a core value
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An independent estimate has the most value
We have none of the conflicts of interest that distort the assessment by someone affiliated with a gallery or an art dealer. A variety of situations require our independent appraisals: insurance issues, legal proceedings and tax dealings among them. We also consult individual owners planning to buy or sell. Our professional opinion is not influenced by any clash between the business of selling art, and providing our services.

Our integrity depends on remaining current on fluctuations in art value. Before you accept the customary advice to go to an auction house, or to a museum for appraisal, take advantage of our free consultation. Auctioneers tend to provide casual answers. Museums may provide standard opinions. The art market is always shifting. Trust that we have stayed on top of the variables, to make your Washington DC art appraisal up to date.

You will not pay for your initial consultation.
We will need as complete a description as you can make, and we must have pictures. From there, we have telephone conversations about the art piece, your reasons for having it appraised, and the services we offer.

If you choose us for your Washington DC art appraisal, our next step is to ascertain the depth of research that will be required to give you a complete assessment. This leads to our estimate of the amount of time that will be committed to your project, as well as the time needed to prepare documentation. This also indicates when you can expect results.

As you would expect, no appraisal fee is standard, because our work is tailored to your specific piece. For instance, valuation of a large estate or significant collection will exceed the fee for an individual work. Once you accept and provide the fee, we proceed.

For an independent Washington DC art appraisal
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Art Appraisal In Washington DC September 2016

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